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RA: The Path of the Sun God
A Vision of Ancient Egypt

A film by Lesley Keen

'A dazzling dreamlike pageant, a unique visual experience that inhabits a twilight zone all of its own. A hypnotic experience with the ritualistic quality heightened by the use of hieroglyphic symbols'
The Guardian

'72 trailblazing minutes'
The Sunday Times

'The remarkable Ra: The Path of the Sun God is unlike anything you will have ever seen'
Scotland on Sunday

'A thing of wonder, of elemental complexity'
Culture City

RA is a dreamlike evocation of ancient Egyptian beliefs about the Creation and Man's place within it. Originally released in 1990, it was shot on 35mm film and combines traditional hand-drawn animation with special effects photography.

RA is a film that defies categorisation. The use of symbols to recreate the mental and spiritual world of the ancient Egyptians transports the viewer to a zone which has more in common with Jung than popular representations of ancient Egypt. RA is uncompromisingly Egyptian in structure, dispelling the concept of linear time in favour of an eternal present, in a universe where Gods and Man are held in a timeless interconnected cycle of birth and rebirth.