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RA: The Path of the Sun God
A Vision of Ancient Egypt

A three-part animated feature film on themes from ancient Egyptian art and mythology   
1990 72 minutes 35mm

DAWN: The Creation
NOON: The Year of the King
NIGHT: The Gates of the Underworld

Four years in the making, Ra was created and shot entirely in Glasgow by Persistent Vision Animation, Scotland's only animation studio at the time. The film combines traditional animation techniques with special optical effects to produce a dream-like evocation of Ancient Egyptian beliefs about the Creation and Man's place within it.

The first part of the film is given over to the Egyptian Genesis. The Egyptians had many gods and goddesses and creation myths. Ra brings these myths together in a single version and concentrates on the story of Osiris and Isis and their battle with their evil brother Set.

Part two shows the intertwining of the world of the gods with that of the Divine Pharaoh, whom the ancient Egyptians believed to be the son of the Sun God Ra. The life of the Divine Pharaoh is depicted as a journey through the rituals which surround his initiation into temple life.

In death, the Pharaoh continues his journey in the Underworld in the boat of the Sun God Ra, travelling through the twelve hours of night and conquering the powers of darkness before being resurrected at the dawn of the new day.

Written, animated and directed by
Lesley Keen

Produced by
Jan Čulík

Original music composed by
Tom Rennie
with Stuart McInnes

Voice Artists
Tamara Kennedy
Michael Mackenzie

Consultant Egyptologist
Dr. Geraldine Pinch

Production Co-ordinator
Fiona McGregor

Matte Artist
Janet Forry

Specialist Tracing
Alan Mason

Special Effects Rostrum Camera
Mike Campbell

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